'This is so big for Columbus County' - 1

Columbus County Planning Director Gary Lanier points to a map of the proposed McGill Meadows development. It shows 223 townhomes, 126 duplexes and 364 single-family houses, for a total of 713 units. If approved, it will lie against the state line off of N.C. 905.

Building is expected to begin soon at Cottonwood Place, the first of at least four new residential developments envisioned for Columbus County’s southern edge. The owners expect to build 300–400 homes, Columbus County Planning Director Gary Lanier said, and the first purchasers could be moving in before summer is over.

Lanier said applications for two other proposed residential developments — one with 713 homes and one with 1,000 — are “already in the works” for unincorporated areas of southern Columbus County. After them, more developers are poised to apply, he said.

Gary Lanier

Columbus County Planning Director Gary Lanier leafs through the 24-page proposal for Carolina Bluff, the first application to come in under the county’s planned development zoning ordinance passed in August. Carolina Bluff is proposed for Marlowe Road adjacent to the South Carolina line. Staff photo by Diana Matthews